Movement from Pakistan

   4 Weeks Prior To Your Move

 • Dispose of or segregate those items you do not wish to have packed or transported.
 • Call Carry Packers International and ask for moving estimate (it is better to do this even earlier if possible).
 • Notify Post Office for redirection of mail.
 • Send change of address notices to friends and businesses.
 • Obtain all medical and dental records and arrange transfer.
 • Check and clear tax assessments.
 • Notify school and make arrangements for sending or obtaining transcript of school records.
 • Arrange for transfer of jewelery and important documents as well as notifying your bank for transfer of your accounts.
 • Advise your electoral registrar.
 • Advise local municipal authority, clubs, lawyer & solicitor etc.

   2 Weeks Prior To Your Move

 • Arrange with Carry Packers International the packing and pick-up dates.
 • Prepare and complete Carry Packers International insurance proposal form for All Risks, full comprehensive coverage.
 • Arrange packing cartons with Carry Packers International
 • Arrange method of payment to cover your move.
 • Arrange shipment of pets with Carry Packers International and any immunizations, records etc.
 • Confirm travel plans, hotel reservations.
 • Collect all clothing items to be cleaned or repaired
 • Return things borrowed - collect those loaned.
 • Arrange to disconnect utility service as required. One week prior to your move
 • Dispose of all flammables and unwanted medicines.
 • Have car inspected and serviced. If moving within the country, select items to be moved with the car / in the car.
 • Pack suitcases ahead of time - select travelling games.
 • Make arrangements to take down curtains, rods, shelves, TV antenna. - Line up with a baby sitter for moving day so you can look after moving.
 • If moving internationally, arrange Carry Packers International express baggage services.
 • Arrange for new home to be cleaned, particularly cupboards and closets. Before the moving day
 • Empty and defrost refrigerator / freezer and let them air at least 24 hours.
 • Line up simple breakfast for next morning - use paper plates.
 • Finish packing personal belongings, but leave out alarm clock - passports, tickets and personal papers.
 • Get a good night's rest. On the moving day
 • Be on hand or have someone there authorized to answer questions.
 • Accompany the Carry Packers International crew while they inventory your goods.
 • Sign and save your copy of the Carry Packers International Inventory / Packing List and make sure delivery address and place to contact you at destination is given to the crew supervisor if not already provided to Carry Packers International.
 • Make sure Carry Packers International account is paid or a letter of authority has been arranged and received by Carry Packers International to avoid unnecessary delay.





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